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Self Care is Good Health Care



Self Care is Good Health Care

There is much discussion about the current state of health care and the quality of care and coverage, but one thing is for certain – self care is good health care. Beginning each day with a positive mindset and taking care of your personal needs is a fast track to maintaining a healthy body mind and spirit.

Self care is crucial to your overall optimal health and wellbeing, even through times of illness, pain, and emotional stress, using self-care techniques can help you thrive even during the toughest times.
Self care requires no doctor, no medication. It can take as little time as a few minutes and doesn’t cost very much at all. Studies have proven that people who engage in regular self-care practices are a more loving and engaged spouse, friend, and parent, are more compassionate with themselves and with others, and have more energy to go about their day more efficiently.

Here are some ways you can add self-care to your overall health care:

  • Journaling – writing down your thoughts, joys, and fears is a way to empty your cluttered mind and free it from excess stress.
  • Essential Oils – using natural essential oils, either applying directly or diffusing them, can help in the treatment of various common ailments such as colds, coughs, respiratory problems, stress, joint pain, and PMS discomfort.
  • Cooking – taking the time to cook an indulgent or healthy meal for yourself is a comforting experience. Food is medicinal and feeding your body with a home-cooked meal filled with healthy, all natural ingredients can make you feel good.
  • Treat Yourself – take yourself out to dinner, spa day, a weekend road trip, or even to your favorite ice cream shoppe.
  • Meditation – take 10-20 minutes every morning to just be still, clear your head, and focus on the movement of your breath.
  • Spend time on a Hobby – we spend most of our time working and tending to obligations that we never get a chance to pursue and dive into our true passions. Take time out to spend on a hobby – whether it is knitting or writing, to surfing or painting, you feed yourself love with things that feed your soul.
  • Be still in Nature – getting outdoors can be a very meditative experience. Without noise of traffic and other stressors, hearing the sounds of birds, the wind in the trees, and the soft ripple in a lake can help to calm any anxiety and renew and reset our minds for a new day.
  • Set modest goals – focusing on the big picture is always a good idea, but sometimes our goals can be overwhelming if we don’t see little victories being accomplished along the way. Set modest goals that you can complete on a daily or weekly basis to help you get closer to your bigger goal. Accomplishing tiny goals can give you confidence to continue on your journey of personal success.

Ask yourself these questions each day to ensure that you’re mind and body are free from any additional stress.

  • How can I love myself more today? There is always room for more self-love. 
  • What 5 things am I grateful for this morning? There is always something to be grateful for, and once we are grateful for what we have, we make room for what we want. 
  • What am I not saying, but need to address? Leaving things unsaid can lead to feelings of guilt, regret, and lack of self worth. 
  • What thoughts of abundance can I adopt today? Come from a place of abundance, not scarcity. 
  • What is my motivation and is that serving me? Is your motivation a feeling or a thing? 
  • What fear am I afraid to look at? Be fearless in every aspect of your life. 
  • What anger am I hanging on to? Let go, move through it, triumph. 
  • Where do I feel unheard or left out? Speak your mind with grace and confidence. 

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