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The Easy Meditation Guide for Busy People



The Easy Meditation Guide for Busy People



Life is full of pressures that weigh on your mind like a grand piano. Typically, the noise that accompanies that bulk isn’t melodious like Chopin’s Grand Valse Brillante. It sounds more like a 3-year-old violently pounding on the keys. So how do we break away from the cacophony and fulfill our dreams and destiny? Meditation can provide a sanctuary of tranquility for your mind and reduce that chaotic noise to a small murmur. In honor of May being National Meditation Month, I’ve put together a quick little guide for those of you who live busy lives and are new to the practice of meditation. I welcome you to a new way of peaceful living.

Harmonize Body and Mind

person-1281607__180Meditation is the intersection of a relaxed mind and body. It is important to focus on breathing – simultaneously releasing the thoughts in your head, with the concentrated effort to allow the stress to flow from your body.   It starts with sitting in a chair or on the floor in a quiet environment.   If you are meditating from a chair, allow your feet to hang to the floor, as you rest your hands comfortably in your lap. If you want to meditate from the floor, sit with your legs crossed. Your posture is critical; make sure you sit elongated, extending your spine. Make sure you do it comfortably. If you don’t feel right, it will be hard to connect with your inner-self.

Focus Your Breathing

candle-335965__180Breathing is a major discipline in the art of meditation. Deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth help sync up your mind, body, and spirit.   Allow your breathing to be as natural as possible, drawing in the air from your diaphragm letting it pass through your nose, mouth and throat. Experience the fullness of each breath, and a feeling of calmness pouring over you. If you feel that your breathing isn’t holding a constant rhythm, try mentally counting one, two, three, four for each inhale, and the same for each exhale.

Release Tension and Thoughts
aura-1063278_1280The best way to eliminate the clutter in your mind is to stay in the moment and release all anger, tension, and resentment. Feel your inner strength grow stronger as your mind fades to nothing. If you find your mind wandering back to a certain idea or issue, train your mind on your breathing again. Focus on the breathing count again. If it helps, repeat a small mantra to yourself to stay trained on a single thought such as: “I breathe in love, I exhale worry and concern.”

There are so many negative thoughts in the world, and in our lives, that contribute to the frenzy between our ears.   But meditation can help slow down that noise and help you get the right mindset to begin achieving your dreams. You may only be able to meditate for a few minutes in the beginning. Don’t judge the length of time, instead focus on the experience. As you start to collect your thoughts and regulate your breathing, you will certainly have the ability to lengthen those sessions when you are ready.  Meditation is just one practice of creating a better you.  To learn more about improving your mindset or how the 7 myths can break you down visit our website.

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