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7 Myths in 7 Cities Series – Los Angeles, California, USA



7 Myths in 7 Cities Series – Los Angeles, California, USA

Breaking Through the Myth of Celebrity

Perhaps the most dangerous myth to emerge is the Myth of Celebrity. Fascination with celebrities has been around for years, but nothing like it is today. Now, because of reality shows and YouTube videos, people don’t only look up to celebrities, but they actually have the opportunity to become celebrities.

As a result, hundreds of thousands of regular people will travel great distances and stand in line for days just waiting for the chance to be famous. Many only end up with their 15 minutes of fame, but even that is highly glorified.

Fascination Becomes Emulation

Then there are those girls, teens and even adult women, who emulate others because of their celebrity status. Girls are going as far as making sex tapes, hoping to be “discovered” like Kim Kardashian. If they can’t become celebrities themselves, they emulate their favorite celebrities in other ways. They purchase their clothing line, accessories, make-up, mimick hair-styles, follow their diets, workouts or anything else they post on Twitter.

Emulation Becomes Compromise

The danger of this myth is that it happens so suddenly and intensely. The girl, teen or woman loses a real and genuine part of themselves with each compromise of a style, diet or hairdo that is not their own, and is not in alignment with who they are inside. To make matters worse, often times the bad behaviors of reality TV scripts get adopted as part of the myth because cheating, fighting, cattiness, meanness and other scandalous behaviors reap publicity and fame.

Our constant access to internet, reality TV, programmed media and social media has caused an almost incestuous relationship with celebrities. We always want to know the latest. What they’re wearing, where they are dining, what kind of “work” are they having done and, most importantly, who’s sleeping with whom?

Reality TV Is Anything But

We are not exposed to the real day-to-day trials, tribulations and emotional roller-coasters celebrities experience, so we tend to believe their lives are somehow better than our own. We also forget that fame is fleeting and fickle. Celebrities themselves are constantly trying to stay relevant and at the top of the charts.

Ironically, the city of Los Angeles (a.k.a. The City of Angels or Hollywood) provides an idyllic setting to be outside, living as one with nature and the environment. The climate is so mild in LA that everyone is outdoors all year long. January and February often boast temperatures that are even more comfortable than July and August. Plentiful beaches and mountains provide a host of year-round outdoor activities. One can literally surf in the morning and snow ski the same afternoon.

Focus on the REAL World

With access to so many options, it seems that Los Angeles is pleading with us to get off of our media devices, forget about Hollywood and come outside for a play date. Stop compromising who you are to be like someone you don’t know. Forget about celebrities, unless, of course, you actually run into one.

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