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There is No Such Thing as Failure – Only Feedback – Take More Risks!



There is No Such Thing as Failure – Only Feedback – Take More Risks!


The unattainable Myth of Perfection holds us hostage from trying new things and ultimately taking the risks necessary to fulfill our dreams and potential. As girls, starting around age six, we begin to lose our “go for it” mojo. Shockingly, Kindergarten is about the time we become cognizant of our body image in the 21st century. Iconic images of size 00 women are already branded into our brains. Our moms have usually attempted and “failed” at numerous weight loss programs and diets before our eyes. As soon as we begin the “she’s skinnier than me” comparison, our self-confidence starts to unravel. The moxie we had as a toddler that got us walking, talking and running about begins to deteriorate. We begin to fear, not just doing anything new, but anything that we might not do perfectly that will bring attention to us. If the bar is set at perfection, then anything less becomes failure. Suddenly, we find ourselves trapped in a very narrow box of limiting beliefs, with virtually no way out because every unknown feels too risky.


World-renowned author JK Rowling once said, “It is impossible to live without failing at something unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all, in which case you’ve failed by default.” Rowling was recently divorced, had an infant child and was on government assistance when she wrote the first Harry Potter book. Several publishers had rejected her before she found success. Despite all odds, she became the first person to have three books on the NY Times bestseller list simultaneously.


She followed her imagination and her unconventional dream even in the face of daunting adversity. Rowling is a beacon of perseverance. And for that never-ending-don’t-give-up spirit, she is reported to have more money than the Queen of England.   She accomplished this by not letting failure, or the fear of failing, derail her.


While life continuously presents challenges to us, it is those who consciously challenge themselves that break through the barriers of The Myth of Perfection. They gain valuable feedback while maintaining dignity and self-respect. They dust themselves off, learn from their experiences, and stay the course until they achieve their goals. We all have this same spirit of determination available to us. We had this as children before we knew about being “good girls,” or what consequences were for not being a good girl. We acted without fear gripping us and changing our beliefs about who we were and what we were capable of accomplishing. But slowly in life, we begin to unconsciously embody the fears that we were taught, whether they were real or not. We only fail when we do not get back up and try again, by recognizing that there are no failures, only experiences. Don’t get caught in analysis paralysis. Live with confidence and embrace risk-taking as the ladder that helps you reach your goals.


There are ten barriers that hold us back, and prevent us from harmonizing ourselves. One of those barriers is understanding that imagination is more important than knowledge.   If you’d like free tips, sign up for our newsletters and receive free tips – 5 secrets to create a life you love.








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